4 Benefits Of Having A Professional Stage Your Home

Posted on: 27 September 2017

You know the general goal of staging your home is to sell it — you want potential buyers to envision themselves in those spaces. Beyond the obvious, such as removing family pictures, do you really know what creates that feeling? Well, professional home stagers do. Hiring a professional home stager from a company like Stagethis can yield the ultimate benefit — getting you top dollar for your home.

Present a Marketable Home

With professional home stagers, their aim is to create a marketable home, not just a nice-looking house or condo. Professionals study the emotional connection points that transform the living space into a home potential buyers can envision themselves in. This includes staging the perceived lifestyle of buyers, whether it's a young professional or a growing family. When you're selling a lifestyle as well as a living space, not only does your home spend less time on the market, but it also yields a higher selling price.

Remove the Clutter

Removing the clutter is one of the most crucial aspects of home staging. As Home and Garden TV points out, cluttered rooms suggest insufficient space. If there's not enough space for you, why would potential buyers think there's enough for them? If you're still living in your home while selling it, omitting clutter might not be feasible. Rather, home stagers find ways to relocate necessary items so they're not visible. For instance, you may have to become accustomed to stashing the daily mail in a drawer rather than on top of the counter.

Create Picture-Worthy Rooms

These days, most home shopping begins online. Potential buyers want to see pictures of the house, including the interior, before they even bother driving out to the location. Professional home stagers create rooms that present attractive digital profiles. They know how to decorate and arrange items so they present well in pictures. Again, you're selling a lifestyle as well as a living space — and that starts with a collection of images on a home selling website.

Boost Curb Appeal

Once potential buyers have driven out to your location, the deal isn't done. The exterior of your home gives them their first impression. Curb appeal is crucial to getting the best price for your home — or even selling it to begin with. The goal is to create a tidy appearance that welcomes passersby inside. Again, this includes stashing clutter, such as trash cans and bicycles. Professional home stagers know how to add that extra touch, such as a potted plant or new hardware, that gives your home's façade a touch of wow factor.

Get the most offers and best price for your house by hiring professionals to stage your home.