Three Seating Options For Your Office Lobby

Posted on: 30 March 2023

When you shop for seating for your office, your first priority will be choosing furniture that your employees will use. Secondarily, you should think about what seating choices to have available in your lobby. This is especially important if you run a type of business that has many visitors each day. These people will need a place to sit while they wait to meet with one of your staff members. The size of your lobby and the overall style of the space will play a role in what seating options you buy, but here are some options that you'll find at any office furniture supplier.

Stackable Chairs

Every office furniture supplier has an inventory of several different types of stackable chairs, which can be a good addition to an office lobby. These chairs have a simple design and are affordable, making them appealing for most companies. Depending on the amount of space you have, you can place several of these chairs along a wall in the lobby. Additionally, you can store a stack of these chairs in a closet nearby. During times that you anticipate having a lot of guests, your staff can set out a few more of these chairs.


One or more benches can also be a good option to have in your office lobby. While these pieces of furniture can differ in design, they often have a casual look that can work well. Benches are valuable because they can hold multiple people without taking up too much space. For example, a bench that is designed to sit three people will typically be shorter than using three chairs beside one another. Families will often use benches, as children will enjoy sitting close to their parents. This can make this seating option a good fit in a building that has many families visiting.


You might also think about adding a small number of armchairs to your office lobby. This type of furniture takes up more space than stackable chairs, but its primary value is that it provides a classy look that makes it a good fit in many formal office environments. For example, a law firm, a high-end consulting company, and other similar businesses can benefit from the classy look of some armchairs. Browse online to evaluate these and other seating options for the lobby of your office.

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