• 5 Things That Make A Great Employee Break Room

    Do your employees need a break room? If they don't currently have a great place to relax and recharge, chances are that your business should add one. But rather than just tucking a few tables into a spare corner, here are a few key elements to create a break room that everyone will actually enjoy. 1. A Separate Space. Make the break area a completely separate space from where employees spend the rest of their day.
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  • Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Family Room or Living Room

    By providing a place for gathering with friends or relaxing with the family, your family room is an important part of the home. Although most people know which pieces of furniture are necessary, choosing other accessories and décor for this space can be a bit overwhelming. If you are currently decorating your family room yourself or with interior design services, here are a few mistakes to avoid. Choosing the Wrong Sofa
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