5 Things That Make A Great Employee Break Room

Posted on: 19 November 2019

Do your employees need a break room? If they don't currently have a great place to relax and recharge, chances are that your business should add one. But rather than just tucking a few tables into a spare corner, here are a few key elements to create a break room that everyone will actually enjoy.

1. A Separate Space. Make the break area a completely separate space from where employees spend the rest of their day. This allows them to separate their personal time from work time and let go of work stress while in the dedicated break space. Even the smallest of businesses should be able to carve out a little dedicated space for their valued workers. 

2. More Boldness. Offices are often designed with muted colors, lots of neutrals, and a flexible space that can be easily altered to meet future needs. But the break room should revitalize people and be a cause for enjoyment rather than an attempt at convenience. So use this area to have a little fun, experiment, and be bold in your design. 

3. Employee Input. Don't design a break room area without consulting with the staff who will use it. What do they really want? What do they need? What would make them want to use the space? And what would turn them off? You may be surprised to find that employees don't want that fancy espresso machine ,but would rather have a television to catch up on their favorite show. Meet with everyone and ask for input, then work with your architect to determine what can be included and what might be saved for later.

4. Work Spaces. Like it or not, many of today's employees sometimes work through their breaks. But you can direct this impulse in a better manner by allowing them to do some of that work in the break room — so they at least move away from their desk as a compromise. Add a few basic work tools to the break area — such as a community laptop, open counter space, or a white board — that can handle a bit of work without pestering workers. 

5. Personal Touches. Make the break room a place less about the company and more about the people who work there. Include employee recognition, make announcements, and encourage employees to share things from their personal lives. Use this area as a place to get together, have parties, and meet for employee purposes. While the office is about business, the break room is a sacred place for employees to enjoy themselves.

By putting a little extra planning into the break room, any business can create a space that employees will love. And the more you can make the workplace into a happy place, the more that staff will want to stay. And that's best for everyone. Talk with a commercial architecture designer for more tips and advice.