• Interior Design Tips For Those Living In Condos

    Owning a condo can allow you to enjoy the benefits of living in a city while avoiding many of the limitations that can come with renting. Unfortunately, there are many people that may fail to appreciate the steps that they will be able to take to get the most out of the living space in their condo. Keep Your Floor Plan Open When you are creating your interior design, you will want to have a preference for open floors and spaces.
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  • Picture Frame Ideas For Decorative Accents Around Your Home

    If you have some old picture frames around your home or even if you've purchased all new picture frames, you can use them for a number of things other than photos. You can create one-of-a-kind pieces to use in your home for decorative accents to match with your decor. Read on for a few ideas to use those picture frames for decorative accents. Initial Wall Decor Take a piece of burlap and hot glue it to the backing inside the picture frame.
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