Picture Frame Ideas For Decorative Accents Around Your Home

Posted on: 16 March 2018

If you have some old picture frames around your home or even if you've purchased all new picture frames, you can use them for a number of things other than photos. You can create one-of-a-kind pieces to use in your home for decorative accents to match with your decor. Read on for a few ideas to use those picture frames for decorative accents.

Initial Wall Decor

Take a piece of burlap and hot glue it to the backing inside the picture frame. Remove the glass from the frame so you will be able to see the letter inside the frame and allow it to stick out from the frame a bit. Next, take a letter such as the first initial in your first or last name and hot glue it to the burlap backing. You can leave it like that, or you can add some faux flowers or greenery around one corner of the frame.

Another way to add an initial to a photo frame is to hang it by some thin metal chains and attaching the metal to the back of the frame, so it's hidden in the back. You can find these thin chains at your local craft store.

Dry Erase Board

Create a dry erase board with the picture frame by putting in a piece of scrapbook paper or a plain white sheet, whatever you like. Then add the glass and return it to the frame. Use dry-erase markers to make it a dry erase board. Use it in your kitchen as a weekly menu board or a way to stay organized.

Clothesline Photo Holder

Take a large picture frame and attach pieces of twine with a staple gun to the back of the frame. Remove the glass and other parts of the frame. Turn the frame over and add small clothespins to the twine. Hang up photos on the clothespins to share a lot of pictures with just one frame. You can also add just one piece of twine or several depending on the size of your pictures. Don't use large clothespins as they are too heavy. 


Use the face of the frame and the glass to create a lantern. Remove the paper and cardboard backing, then hot glue the glass to the face of the frame. Allow it to dry thoroughly. Repeat for four frames. Then connect the frames together using a hot glue gun, so you end up with a square. Add a candle to the center for a one-of-a-kind lantern to use anywhere in your home. Use a small enough candle, so it doesn't burn the frame.

Picture frames can be used for more than just pictures. Get creative with your frames and make decorative accents around your home to match with your decor. For more information on picture frames for sale in your area, contact your local dealer.