Interior Design Tips For Those Living In Condos

Posted on: 21 September 2018

Owning a condo can allow you to enjoy the benefits of living in a city while avoiding many of the limitations that can come with renting. Unfortunately, there are many people that may fail to appreciate the steps that they will be able to take to get the most out of the living space in their condo.

Keep Your Floor Plan Open

When you are creating your interior design, you will want to have a preference for open floors and spaces. This can reduce the risk of the interior of the condo feeling cramped or crowded, which can often be a problem as these units may be much smaller than traditional homes. By keeping the floor plan as open as possible, you can help to ensure you will be able to comfortably and easily navigate around the home.

Incorporate Strategically-Placed Wall Mirrors

For those that live in small condos, it can be easy to feel cramped. However, placing mirrors on the walls in the rooms where you spend the most time can help to make your condo's interior feel much larger. When positioning these mirrors, you may want to place them so that they are at least a foot above the ground as this will reduce the risk of the mirror accidentally breaking.

Understand The Rules For Making Structural Changes To The Unit

Depending on the design of your unit, you might need to make structural changes to get the interior design that you want. For example, individuals may find that they want to have a wall removed to create more open space. However, condo buildings will have strict rules in place when it concerns these changes. This is necessary to avoid making the building unsafe or creating unpleasant complications for other tenants. Luckily, these steps should be outlined in your contract with the building, but if you are still unsure, there will be either a contact number for you to call or a schedule ownership meeting where you can bring up this issue.

Consider Having Plants In The Unit

It can be difficult for individuals living in condos to get access to fresh air. One way to help improve the air quality in your unit will be to place live plants throughout the unit. These plants will help to filter the air; Individuals will allergies may be concerned about placing plants in their unit, but there are non-flowering plants that may be suitable for those with this problem as they will not produce the pollen that can trigger allergy attacks.

For more information, contact your local high rise condo interior designer.