Five Cool Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Posted on: 6 August 2015

If you're thinking of redoing your kitchen, there are a number of cool fixes you could incorporate into the remodeling plans to make it even more convenient.

  1. Make it easier to get kitchen scraps from the counter to the trash. There are a couple ways to do this. One involves having a cutout in your counter over the drawer where you keep a slide-out trash can, using the wooden piece that was cut out as a plug for when you don't need the opening. The other method involves having a pull-out cutting board in the place of a drawer. This would be placed over the cabinet with the pull-out trash can. Whenever you need to chop fruits and vegetables, simply pull out both the cutting board and trash can sections. Once you've finished cutting, push the scraps into the trash can, then close both drawers.
  2. Find a better use for fake drawers. Instead of just putting a fake drawer front in spaces where you can't have a regular drawer, consider using these spaces for things like holding a paper towel rack or installing extra outlets, which can be covered by a flip-down fake drawer front when not in use.
  3. If you can't afford it, fake it. If you love the look of stainless steel appliances, but can't afford the upgrade in your kitchen remodel, consider using stainless steel contact paper to cover the main sections of black appliances. This gives you the look you want without the expense.
  4. Use slide-out drawers to store pantry items. If you don't have the space for a separate pantry, make use of some of your cabinet space to create vertical slide-out drawers with shelves at the right heights for storing your pantry items, such as spices, oils, vinegars, canned goods and baking items. This allows you to reach items easily that would otherwise be buried in the back of the cupboard.
  5. Consider an appliance garage. Your kitchen will look a lot less cluttered if the small appliances are out of sight when not in use. Simply adding another door under the cabinets in one section of the counter can accomplish this purpose, or you can use a large cabinet under a center island. This is slightly less convenient though, as it requires you to lift stuff up and down from the counter instead of simply pushing it back against the wall and closing a door.

Companies such as Kitchen & Bath Innovations may have more ideas that can help with your kitchen remodeling projects.