Nautical-Inspired Antique Decor Items to Add to Your Home

Posted on: 27 February 2020

If you like the idea of decorating your home with antique pieces, visiting a retailer that specializes in this type of decor can provide you with several options. Instead of just grabbing antique items that you like, you might consider thinking of a specific theme and then pursuing items that fall within that theme. If a nautical theme is of particular interest to you—perhaps for a home that is near the ocean or to pay homage to your family's connection with boating—many antique items might catch your attention.

1. Wooden Ship's Wheel

One antique decor item that is a perfect addition when you're pursuing a nautical theme is a wooden ship's wheel. You may be able to find one of these items if you browse a few different antique shops, and it might be the cornerstone of your collection. There are many different places to hang a wooden ship's wheel on the wall of your home, but you'll want to pick a special and prominent location that will accommodate an item of this size. One option is above the mantel that sits over your fireplace.

2. Lobster Traps

Another fun antique item that you can often find at antique shops is a lobster trap. This can especially be appealing for people who have family members who have worked as commercial fishermen, although you might simply like this item because it reflects the area in which you live. A couple of stacked lobster traps placed on the floor in the corner of your living room can be a good conversation starter. You might also wish to think about repurposing the traps—perhaps adding a sheet of glass on top of a couple traps to make a nautical-inspired coffee table.

3. Model Sailing Ship

As you browse the nautical items available at some of your local antique shops, keep an eye open for a vintage model sailing ship. This type of item can be a good addition to a home and can work well on your mantel, on an end table, or a shelf in your living room or dining room. Whether you find an accurate representation of a famous sailing ship—perhaps a model based off a famous explorer's ship—or you simply encounter a generic sailing ship, this is an item that can look good in a home with a nautical theme.

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