5 Reasons To Replace Office Furniture Even If It Still Works

Posted on: 23 October 2020

Office furniture, like many fixtures in your building, is often used until it is no longer functional. But should you replace your office furniture long before it reaches this point? The answer is 'yes', and here are five indicators that it's time to do so.

1. It Doesn't Fit Your Brand. Branding is very important, and it encompasses every element of your business' appearance to others. How do your office furnishings add to your brand? Do they reflect its values, its personality, and its style? What may have fit your brand years ago may not be what fits the image you want to project today. 

2. It's Not Healthy. Modern office furnishings are ergonomically designed to support you and your staff as you work long and hard. But older furniture — particularly chairs, desks, computer stations, and break room furniture — likely doesn't have the same positive health benefits. Something as simple as upgrading chairs or desks can significantly improve people's health and even their productivity. 

3. It Doesn't Embrace Tech. Modern technology runs throughout today's business office. You probably have many more computers, mobile devices, video conference setups, group project spaces, and security features than you did when you bought your old furniture. Could it now fit in better with your modern office? Could you add simple things like more flexible and tech-friendly desks? Office furniture should help staff be forward-thinking rather than hinder them. 

4. It Makes You Look Cheap. Business associates, customers, and employees can spot a company that appears uninterested in reinvesting in its business. People make judgements before you even get a chance to sing the praises of your business. And while there is some PR value in investing in business operations that provide value to customers, there comes a point where you can simply look cheap and dated. 

5. It Doesn't Excite Staff. Customers and business partners aren't the only factor in office furnishings. One of the biggest factors should be the morale of the people who work in that office every day. Reward staff for their hard work with the occasional upgrade and refresh of their working space. Involve them in choosing what their offices look and feel like. And show you prioritize their interests, concerns, and health. 

When you consider the furnishings in your office, could things use a little updating? Can new furniture help your brand, encourage the best from employees, and keep up your business with modern times? If so, learn more about your options for office furniture by meeting with a local business interior designer, like Interior Landscapes.