One True Love: How To Pull Off The Monochromatic Decorating In Interior Design

Posted on: 4 April 2022

If there is one color you just cannot get enough of, it only makes sense to use it throughout your home. Not only will it make you happy, but it also takes the guesswork out of finding complementing colors that match. Monochromatic decorating can be stunning if done right, and your interior designer will enjoy helping you find creative ways to show off your favorite hue.

Wonderful whites

One of the most popular monochromatic decorating styles is white. Made popular by the modern farmhouse and cottage styles of decorating, a white palette in interior design exudes simplicity and easy living. If you love the look of white, you will have endless decorating options to choose from when decorating your home.

Mix and match bright whites with creamy whites for an appealing color blend. For instance, bright white drapes against creamy white walls will add interest to a room. Vary textures for best results by using a plush white rug in front of a sofa upholstered in tweed fabric.

Sunny yellows

Optimistic and cheerful, yellow never disappoints in interior design style. Choose a buttery yellow for kitchen walls and sunflower or mustard yellow for kitchen cabinets or trim to add a fun color contrast. Complete the look by using gingham-checked yellow curtains and a tablecloth to add charm to the room.

Place vases of yellow daisies and sunflowers throughout a yellow home to enhance the sunny look. If you prefer a lighter look, mix and match soft yellows with golden yellows to create a sunny but subtle decorating theme.

Energetic greens

Mix and match subtle greens, such as sage or seafoam with mint hues to create an energetic and refreshing interior in your home. Add a pop of color by using grassy greens for accent items, such as rugs and drapes, to create a modern look. Use lime green and yellowy green together in a child's playroom or bedroom for an unexpected but attractive look.

Soothing blues

Always popular, blue's hues will never go out of style. Mix and match rich navy blue with grayish blues to create a dramatic and sophisticated look in your home's interior. Bright blues, like sky blue, are always a great choice if you want an interior design style that stands out and grabs attention.  

What could be easier than choosing your favorite color and running with it when planning a home makeover with your interior designer? Living life surrounded by your favorite hue is sure to boost your mood and create an atmosphere in your home that will fill you with joy. Contact an interior designing service such as Violet Marsh Interiors for more information.